Kenneth Friedman
The Weeds

This site started in 2013, and it began as a Squarespace powered website. I highly recommend Squarespace for any website that you want to make quickly and without code. However, as the customization of your site increases, Squarespace's helpfulness decreases. Overtime, I added more and more custom elements. By 2015, there were so many custom features that using Squarespace became more of a burden than a helper.

I re-wrote the site from scratch in raw HTML/CSS during my 2015 winter break. It requires no outside libraries (such as Bootstrap or Foundation) and does not require Javascript to layout the page (although certain pages embed Javascript for special features). The lack of Javascript allows for very fast load times and very small downloads. I also use SVGs whenever possible to reduce the size.

The site is hosted on Amazon S3, and the domain is routed through Hover.

As of May 2018, the site is hosted over HTTPS.

Writing in HTML is miserable, so I built a custom CMS in Python.

Custom CMS

Interested in exploring the CMS? Add "" to any page on my website to see the raw pre-computed file.

Site Updates