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Hey — Kenneth Shaw Friedman here. Most of the time I go by Kenny. Sometimes I go by Satoshi Nakamoto. I'm currently a master's student at MIT in the HCI Engineering group.

I'm interested in a lot of different things. Currently, I am focusing on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction. How can machines enhance our intelligence? How can we make technology simplify our lives and allow us more freedom, instead of just adding to the complexity and the noise? Why haven't we progressed since the days of PARC? These are just a few of the questions that we should answer. Interested? Let's talk.


Currently, I'm a masters student in the Human-Computer Interation Engineering lab at MIT CSAIL.

Previously, I studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. While there, I worked at Apple and NASA. I also did research at the MIT Media Lab and the MID D-Lab.

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So far, I've gotten started in the world of HCI by helping with research in the Fluid Interfaces Group of the MIT Media Lab. I also made a demo drawing application that separates the controls from the drawing.

In a past life, I built iOS apps, including:

I also made an iOS game. It's called Unlimited Grid. You should check it out, because it's pretty fun. And find a buddy, because you're going to need a second person to play against you.

My three biggest heroes are Noam Chomsky, Alan Kay, and Bob Dylan.

About this Site

In the beginning, this was hosted on SquareSpace. After adding more and more custom features over time, it seemed worth it to simply build up a the site from scratch — so here we are.

This site proudly works without JQuery or any framework (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc) for its core layout. Certain pages include libraries for special features, but most of the site operates in pure CSS. Only small bits of interactivity use Javascript. In fact, you can turn off Javascript in your browser and nearly every page will look exactly the same (you're welcome, Stallman).


You can email me here.

My Twitter handle is @futurekennysf.

My LinkedIn profile is here: Kenny's LinkedIn.