Kenneth Friedman

These are some open questions I've been thinking about. If you are also interested in these questions (or you have some answers), let's talk.

How can we better at problem finding?
The world usually rewards "problem solving," but (as Alan Kay says) problem solving is the very last step. The big deal is problem finding. We have to find the real problem, which is almost never the first problem you notice, and it's rarely the problem that other people are trying to solve. We need to be better at finding the real problem, before focusing on solutions.
How can technology empower individuals and decrease corporate control?
Computers were suppose to be a liberating tool. And there are many examples of incredible results. But recently, it seems large corporations are having more and more power with techonlogy. From subscription services to data ownership to the right to repair, companies are more in control of our digital life than ever before. How can we create technology that returns power to the individual?

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