Kenneth Friedman

Thinking FastAR

FastAR was my final project for MAS.S66: Human-Machine Symbiosis. FastAR is an augmented reality system that enables users to make healthier decisions.

Escaping the Local Minimum

Escaping the Local Minimum is my final project paper for the Spring 2016 MIT Media Lab class, "Integrative Theories of Mind and Cognition". Here, I review where the field of Artificial Intelligence has been, and then I explain where it needs to go.


A new type of content creation tool. Create coloring book designs and images, and then order a physical book of your creations.

Visual History

Visual History is a Chrome extension that de-linearizes your browsing history with a richer alternative to the Back and Forward buttons. Joel Gustafson and I created VH at HackHarvard 2015.

Open Canvas

I created a drawing app (just in the demo stages right now) that puts the color control on the iPhone, which can be manipulated with the user's non-dominant hand while they draw with the other. It's a much faster way to do it. This is a single, Universal app running on the iPhone and the iPad at the same time. It knows to connect automatically to the other device, no set up required.

Unlimited Grid

Unlimited Grid is an iPhone game, the first game I ever made. The game is 5-in-a-row tic-tac-toe, played on an infinite board. It allows for intense games, with rules that are as simple as regular tic-tac-toe.

Third Surface

Third Surface is a "World Wide Web for the physical world". It's an augmented reality system that allows users to explore location based content. Users can peer into a digital world that is mapped on top of the physical world with an iPad. Third Surface is another leap towards blending the physical and digital worlds together. I helped develop this project at the MIT Media Lab in 2014.

Is It Tuesday

Is it Tuesday? is an app for the iPhone and iPad. It makes the difficult task of knowing whether or not it is Tuesday just a little bit easier. This app has been downloaded on over 15,000 devices, and has over 150 reviews. Other advanced features include telling you whether or not you were born on a Tuesday, how long it will be until Tuesday, and cool facts about our favorite day of the week.

Science Olympiad Tracker

Science Olympiad Tracker is an app for iPhone and iPod Touch that tracks scores for Science Olympiad competitions.

College Application Organizer

A simple but powerful way to manage all of your college applications. Tailored towards high school juniors and seniors. (It's no longer a supported, but it might be again in the future).

Robot Arm

I researched robot human interaction and built a robot arm for Science Olympiad that placed 1st in New York State, and then 2nd in the nation. It uses the master/slave controller concept to make it unbelievably easy to control.


I built a marimba out of exotic African Padauk lumber for a Science Olympiad event. I then played songs on it accompanied by a home built cello and flute. It placed first in New York State, and then 11th in the nation.