Kenneth Friedman
June 24, 2013

I created this website a few months ago, but now that school is over and I have a little time, I have decided to build it up. I recently added a few more videos and added the Science Olympiad Slideshows for the '10/'11 and '11/'12 seasons. The '12/'13 slideshow isn't finalized yet, but it should be up soon!

The Is It Tuesday? app has been updated to version 2.3 with an entire UI overhaul. The fonts and color scheme has been refreshed and gives a good preview of what iOS 7 will be like. Is It Tuesday? has been opened over 50,000 times since November, 2012 and it has been downloaded on over 4,000 iDevices. Version 2.3 does work on the beta versions of iOS 7, but an update will arrive when iOS 7 is released to improve it further.

SO Tracker was used for many Science Olympiad competitions this season, and will be updated next season for a new list of events. New features might be available, depending on interest level (and time)!

Calculus, a referencing app, is temporarily on hold. Currently, I am working on a brand new app that will hopefully help out a lot of students. The goal is for the app to be out by September, so stay tuned - new stuff is coming soon!

More information about tennis will be out later this week!