Kenneth Friedman
July 7, 2014

When people hear I made an app called "Is It Tuesday?", they often ask how many people have downloaded it. It's been 111 Tuesdays since the app was released - here are some statistics about it.



Number of Ratings (across all versions): 144.


(Data retrieved from Google Analytics, which was added November 2012, 5 months after initial release)

Graph of Number of Users

This is the graph of Active Users over Time. The weekly spikes are, quite obviously, Tuesdays. Total Daily Active Users over Time here:

Sessions is the number of times the app was opened, while Screen Views shows the number of screens users have seen. (Total Sessions and Screen Views since November 2012)


Is It Tuesday has been downloaded in 120 distinct countries and 3,819 distinct cities. Here are the top 10 countries:


Here are some of my favorite reviews.

"This app is perhaps the finest piece of software I have ever had the pleasure of using. Long gone are the days of wondering whether or not the current day of the week is a Tuesday. [...]"

— AriX

"This app is the best thing that has ever happened to me. No joke. [...]"

— William Neff

"I was living a sad confused life. My friends and family were embarrassed that I could not tell them whether or not it was Tuesday! There were no solutions for someone with my problem until now. I’m a new man now. [...]"

— Gekokapowco