Kenneth Friedman
January 31, 2015

IAP (Independent Activities Period) is MIT's winter term. This IAP, my sophomore year, I worked as an intern at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. On the third weekend, I flew back to MIT to help run the first Science Olympiad Invitational hosted at MIT. I also met tons of interesting people, created my first iOS game, rented an Airbnb house basement with two new roommates, explored the U.S. Capitol, and turned 20. Whoa. Here's IAP, by the numbers:

Start Date January 1, 2015
States Visited 4 NY, MA, MD, VA (and DC)
Average Steps per Day 11,608 Goddard is a large campus
Average Distance Walked per Day 5.6 miles No car in Maryland is tough
Average Sleep per Night 7 hr 4 min Based on iPhone app data; this is definitely a low estimate
Total Work (at NASA) 152 hr 40hr/wk, minus MLK Day
Science Olympiad Competitions Run 1 SO@MIT Invitational 2015
High School Friends Who Visited MIT / ZΨ 2 To Help with SO@MIT!
Videos Finished so Far 0
Videos I Need to finish 3 I'm a tad behind on video production
Flights 4 SYR → DCA, DCA → BOS, BOS → DCA, DCA → BOS
Birthdays 1 Any more would be concerning, but fewer is possible...
New Apps Developed 1 Unlimited Grid
App Updates 3 Is It Tuesday (2x), SO Tracker
NASA Employees Met 50+
Oldest MIT Graduate Met Class of '66 He was there for the football game hack!
End Date January 31, 2015