Kenneth Friedman
December 24, 2015

At Harvard's first ever hackathon, HackHarvard 2015, Joel Gustafson and I created a new Chrome Extension. It's the first extension I've ever worked on, and I think it can be pretty useful. Here's the pitch:

Your browsing history is linear: it's displayed as a list. But you don't browse the web in a linear fashion. You hit the back button, and open up multiple links from the same page. Browsing the web is like a tree, not a list. Our extension, Visual History, shows your browsing history as a tree, which you can easily navigate through from the keyboard.

The extension is available now, in the Chrome Web Store here. We also open sourced the project, and the code is available on Github here. You can also see more screenshots, a video, and a longer description on the project page here.

Of course, this just the beginning of a series of things we do on the computer that are currently linear but really shouldn't be. Stay tuned.