Kenneth Friedman
January 19, 2015

Update: It's out! Check it out here.

With a nice three day weekend mid-way through MIT's winter session, I decided to make my first iOS game. It's a throwback to a game I used to play in high school on graph paper.

The game is called Unlimited Grid. It's five in-a-row tic tac toe, played on an unlimited board. Five in-a-row requires more strategy than 3 in-a-row, and the infinite sized grid ensures there will be no ties.

I have only spent about a day and half working on it, but I already have a playable version. It's currently "In Review" with Apple, so it will likely be available soon. The first available version will only have basic features, but I hope to add features over time. There are a lot of places to explore: multiplayer with multiple phones, a "computer mode" for single player, etc.

The app will be free on the iTunes App Store. The code will be open sourced and available on on GitHub.

I challenge anyone to write an "AI" for the game, to play against a user. I am also working on one. It would be fun to have them run against each other and see what algorithm can beat the others.