Kenneth Friedman
April 29, 2016

Augmented Reality, In Real Life.

MIT Nano, April 2016

MIT Nano, the newest building and research lab at MIT, is on its way to completion. Here's a photo of its current state.

Building 16 and 56

As you can see, the structure is there but there are no walls. This is the view to your left if you walk down the hall from building 16 to 26. On the view to your right, you can see building 16 and 56.

If we had a nice pair of augmented reality glasses, we could visually imagine what the view of MIT Nano would look like when it is complete.

However, if the timing is just right, and the lighting just so, you don't need AR glasses in this case. The walls from the other side of the hallway reflect and give the appearance of walls on MIT Nano. This photo was not photoshopped, but it looks like it could be straight out of an augmented reality demo. It's the first time I've noticed this illusion in real life. I wonder if there are others...