Kenneth Friedman
April 16, 2016

I happened to be checking the sales of my apps on iTunes Connect and noticed something interesting. Is It Tuesday, which usually gets around 10 downloads a week, had over 500 downloads: all from Denmark.

I bragged about this influx of downloads to some friends, ironically. I told them I don't really understand why so many people in Denmark desperately wanted my app. A few minutes later, Joel Gustafson showed me an article on Google News, and I had my reason.

It turns out that a talk show in Denmark covered my app on air, and wrote an article about useless apps. Google Translate tells me the title is "Is it an app? Five ridiculously unimportant apps to hit the waiting death". I'd guess that the "waiting for death" part must be a Danish idiom that Google doesn't know, but I haven't been able to track it down yet.

Watching the video for the first time, I thought they had discovered a copycat app. The title "Is It Monday" is displayed on screen with an icon that looks just like the Is It Tuesday icon, but with an 'M' instead of a 'T', and a purple gradient instead of orange. However it turns out that they were playing a game called "Is It An App?" where they have to guess which is the real app, Monday or Tuesday. The host that was playing guesses Is It Monday and, clearly, was wrong.

This coverage, coinincidently, came the day before my big version 5.0 update. The update comes with new and improved fireworks, more fun Tuesday facts, and a way to become a Tuesday Pro. If you haven't seen it, check out the cool new features!

If you're reading this from Denmark, welcome aboard.