Kenneth Friedman
July 31, 2017

Before every semester, a lot of talk at MIT is about which classes everyone will be taking. In past semesters, I've considered printing out a list of the classes I will be taking to show people when they ask, instead of having to repeat the phrase "six double oh four, six double oh six, six oh four two, and fourteen oh one" for the 6,000th time. But I've never done it out of fear that I would go weeks without actually talking to anyone.

It's a fundamental law of the universe that, for the month before every semester begins, all conversations between MIT students eventually contain the question "what classes are you taking next semester?" The answer is often: "I don't know... what classes should I take next semester?"

There are a lot of ways to decide on classes: MIT Course Evaluations Underground (Course 6) Guides, and planners. But these quantitative metrics aren't the only way to judge a class, and the course listings are often full of jargon11This is actually a major problem: you don't know what the jargon means until you've taken the class! I'm thinking of creating a new website for the MIT class listings, with better, student-written class descriptions. I'm not sure the best way to do it though, let me know if you're interested in helping.. Personal anecdotes can also be really helpful. Here is a list of what my favorite classes were from undergrad and, more importantly, why.

The following is a list of my favorite course 6 (EECS) classes, and my favorite non-course 6 classes. The classes are in order of when I took them: oldest to most recent.

Favorite Course 6 Classes

Favorite HASS / Elective Classes

Phew! Ok, that's my list. I glanced back at the Facebook "Note" I wrote in 2011 titled "Best Class in FM" and it holds up pretty well. I have a feeling in 6 years this one will too.